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Custom Scooter Build Fuzion Entropy Deck and Ethic Parts

Stay Rad! Shop Manager - Daniel Perosa puts together an all black Fuzion Entropy Custom Build.


Daniel did a fantastic job on the grip tape! If you want us to build you a custom scooter like this one - contact us right away!


- Fuzion Entropy Deck 4.75" x 21" Black

- Ethic T-Bars

- Ethic Silicone headset

- Longway Forks

- Fuzion Hex Grips

- Ethic Wheels

- Ethic Grip Tape

- Ethic Synthe Clamp

Mystery Box - Unboxing (Eagle Wheels)

We gave Daniel a random box full of Eagle Wheels. He had no idea what he was opening.


Needless to say, he did a fantastic job delivering a great review of everything inside the box.

Watch to Daniels surprise as he opens up some collector item Eagle Wheels - Chopsticks, Sewer Caps and other neat stuff that is not currently in production anymore.

We happened to grab some remaining stock - grab some for yourself online or instore. 

Stay Rad! Shop - Pro Scooter Deck Breakdown

Stay Rad! Scooter Shop Manager Daniel Perosa breaks down the differences between Park, Hybrid and Street Decks in order to help You make your decision about what Scooter Deck you should be riding.


Daniel discusses SIX different Scooter Decks to make his case about different deck sizes, and the style of riding expected for each one. 


- Apex Spash

- Fuzion

- Tilt Brain Drain

- Tilt Theory 3

- Aztek Lucid

- Aztek Siren

Available Online or In-Store

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