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Scooter Maintenance



Handlebar Grips are a vital part to the Scooter setup as they help absorb shock from big drops and gaps. Your Grips are going to naturally wear out after continual use. As your grips wear down, you will notice the plastic start to peel, or disintegrate. The best way to replace your Grips is with an Air-Compressor. You turn on the compressor and insert the tip of the nozzle between the grips and bars. The Air pressure will help loosen the Grips allowing you to slowly pull and wiggle them off the bars. You will need to repeat this process when putting the new Grips back on. 

Loose Parts

An allen key will be your best friend keeping your scooter dialed. You will notice after time that your scooter will become a bit wobbly. You will need to consistently check your wheel axles, clamps, brakes or compression - and tighten as needed. Brakes commonly require a 4mm allen key while the axles, clamps and compression usually require a 5mm or 6mm alley key. It only takes a few minutes before to take off for a session to inspect your scooter for any loose parts. Most often, you will be able to notice if things aren't dialed while you are riding. Don't take too much offence, this is a good sign that you are putting in a good effort to progress your riding. A scooter only gets wobbly from sending it as hard as you can to become great!


Lubricating Your Bearings

There are 6 bearings on a scooter - two in each wheel and two in the headset. In order to make sure your scooter is always running smooth, you will want to make sure your wheel bearings and headset bearings are lubricated. Its as simple as squeezing a drop of speed cream or lubricant of your choice. One drop in each side of the wheel and give it a spin. Doing this should evenly distribute the lubricant.  In order to lubricate your headset bearings you will need to loosen the compression and remove your bars and forks to get access to the headset bearings. Once you have access you apply some lubricant on the bearings and spin them evenly to distribute the grease. 

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