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Declan Oram

Name: Declan Oram
Instagram: @theluckyduckk
Hometown: Ajax , Ontario Canada
Years riding: 5 years
Park or Street: Hybrid
Favourite Rider: Derek Marr
Dream Sponsor: Native scooters
Dream Skatepark: lake havasu, Arizona or Woodward
Favourite Skatepark: Lake wilcox
Favourite Place to Eat: Subway

My name is Declan Oram and I am a scooter rider from Ajax, Ontario. I have been riding for about five years in . Scootering has always been a big part of my life. There were many times I had stopped once for over a year and didn’t ride and almost quit but I had tons of motivation from my friends to get back into it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I enjoy the skate park so much, and I hope scootering is always apart of my life

Not only do I love riding but I also love flipping, slack lining and helping everyone around me ride to the best of there ability like always giving out tips on tricks and more.


Alex Macdonald

Name: Alex Macdonald

Instagran: @dehub_

Hometown: Hamilton, ON

Years Riding: 5.5years 

Park or Street: Everything :)

Favourite Riders: Jack Dauth

Dream Sponsor: Tilt

Favourite Skatepark: Turner Skatepark 

Dream Skatepark: Woodward East

Favourite Place to Eat: Subway!


Bio: What's up guys! My name is Alex Macdonald, but most people I scooter with call me dehub. I'm from Hamilton, Ontario, and lived in Brantford for around a year in 2020. I've been scootering for around five and a half years, and I couldn't imagine my life without it. Everything in my live revolves around scootering, and through this sport I found my passion for creating and editing video. I spent my days growing up at Inflow Skatepark in Dundas, Ontario. My friends and I would spend as much time as possible at the park, and I believe that my experience there truly made me into a more positive person. Although Inflow sadly shut down recently, the experiences I had there are unforgettable and many of the friends I made at Inflow are still some of the closest I could ever have. My goal with Stay Rad! is to help spread this positivity to people around the world and show them how amazing the scooter community can be :)

Alex - Bio Picture.JPG

Jahvontae Barrett

Name: Jahvontae Barrett

Instagran: @jahvontae_barrett

Hometown: Milton, ON

Years Riding: 8 years 

Park or Street: Park

Favourite Riders: Max Jackson , Leo Spencer and Callum Connor 

Dream Sponsor: Ethic or Fuzion

Favourite Skatepark: Norton community park 

Dream Skatepark: Woodward (in Ohio)  Chine Skatepark in California

Favourite Place to Eat: Royal Meats or Harvey’s


Bio: My name is Jahvontae Barrett, I am 17 years old I and love to scooter. It's such a mental relaxation for me. I love to push my metal and physical limits in order to learn various new tricks. I remember being 10 years old and watching kids doing tricks at the skatepark. I watched every movement they did, and it made me want a scooter so bad.  So one day, as a gift - I was given my cousins and I took to it right away. At the skatepark I push other riders outside their comfort zones.  I want to ride and connect with other riders on a level I wasn’t given as a kid and hope they get the exact same thrill and joy and mental relaxation and exhilaration as I have gained developing the same love for the sport as I do. 

Dillon "Manny" Owen

Name: Dillon "Manny" Owen

Instagram: @dillonowxn

Hometown: London, Ontario

Currently Living: London, Ontario

Years Riding: 15 Months

Park or Street: Street

Favourite Riders: @juzzycarter @saundezy

Dream Sponsor: Tilt, Trynyty and Wild V3

Favourite Skatepark: Wolsey Barracks (London, ON)

Dream Skatepark: Ching, Lake Wilcox & Woodward West

Favourite Place to Eat: Subwary 


Hey guys my name is Dillon Owen. I grew up spending a majority of my youth skateboarding at the skateparks, 12 years to be exact and though I enjoyed that part of my skatepark life I’ve now for the last 15 months grown a passion for scootering. I’ve been able to throw more tricks than I ever imagined. My scootering journey has really pushed me to focus and build the confidence in all my current favourite tricks like Manny combos , fingers whips and decades. Scootering has become a part of my everyday life and I’ll continue to learn and nail new tricks & combos for many years to come.


Antonio Pajak

Name: Anonio "Onions" Pajak

Instagram: @onions and @toofast4u

Hometown: Milton, Ontario

Years Riding: 2.5

Park or Street: Street with some Park moves to beat you in SCOOT

Favourite Riders: Devin and Issac Parrish

Dream Sponsor: Proto

Favourite Skatepark: CJ's Skatepark

Dream Skatepark: Lynch Skatepark

Favourite Place to Eat: Tim Hortons


Hi my name is Antonio Pajak. I'm 16 years old and have been riding about 2.5 years, I'm from Milton, Ontario and I love street riding with the homies. My favorite trick is probably a backlip on a down rail. Although I may seem street, don't seem surprised when I pull out a bri or inward in a game of scoot 😎. My goals for scootering are to hopefully go to Australia or the US to ride and have a fun time. Everyone loves onions 🧅

Antolio - Bio photo.jpg

Ty Lightfoot

Name: Ty Lightfoot

Instagram: @tylightfoot

Youtube: Ty Lightfoot

Hometown: Caldedon, Ontario

Years Riding: 2.5

Park or Street: Hybrid Rider

Favourite Rider: Kaden Larocque

Dream Sponsor: Tilt or Fuzion

Favourite Skatepark: CJ's Skatepark

Dream Skatepark: Streets of Las Angeles

Favourite Place to Eat: Red Lobster


Hi my name is Ty lightfoot I am 16 years old and been riding for a total of two and a half years. I’m from Caledon Ontario but my local skatepark is in Brampton. I love riding park and street as long as I’m on a scooter I am having fun. My favourite trick is full whips and I love down rails. If you ever play me in a game of scoot no matter if you are park or street I will always stand a chance😎. My goals for scootering are to travel the world filming YouTube videos, going to famous spots and finding new ones.

Tyler Lightfoot bio pic.jpg

Caelab Sallows

Name: Caelab Sallows
Instagram: @pxwerslid3
Hometown: Caledonia, Ontario Canada 
Years riding: 4 years
Park or Street: Street
Favourite Rider: Will Judy or Sean Macfoy
Dream Sponsor: Tilt, North, Or Affinity
Dream Skatepark: Area 51 Eindhoven
Favourite Skatepark: Inflow skatepark
Favourite Place to Eat: Angels diner

My name is Caelab Sallows. i’m a scooter rider from Caledonia, Ontario i’ve been riding for around 4 years and i’ve enjoyed every second of it. I grew up in Guelph and then moved to Binbrook Around age 10, in Binbrook I met one of my closest friends and he took me to the skatepark for my first time, It was that day that my spark for scootering started. Scootering has had such a major impact on my life. It’s has shaped me to be the person I am today. The scooter community is one of my favourite things about riding, I love to constantly meet new people whenever i’m riding. I love to show my passion for scootering and try my best to show off this newer sport.


Matthew Bailey

Name: Matthew Bailey

Instagram: @fifty_.50
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Years riding: 3
Park or street: street
Favourite riders: Cody flom, Riley Maltais
Dream sponsor: Tilt or Native
Favourite skatepark: CJ's Skatepark
Dream skatepark: Lake Havasu or Woodward East
Favourite place to eat: A&W


Hey guys, my name is Matthew Bailey, I’m from Whitby, Ontario and I’ve been riding for 3 years. Scootering is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so grateful for all the amazing relationships I’ve made on the way. I mainly ride rails and ledges but sometimes I end up having a whole sesh at the flyout. My favourite trick is a backside fifty to hard 360. My local skatepark is audley recreation center in Ajax. See ya at the skatepark!

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